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Question 130

You have an Azure subscription that contains 300 Azure virtual machines that run Windows Server 2016.

You need to centrally monitor all warning events in the System logs of the virtual machines.

What should you include in the solutions?




Resource to create in Azure: Dependency Agent

The Map feature in Azure Monitor for VMs gets its data from the Microsoft Dependency agent. The Dependency agent relies on the Log Analytics agent for its connection to Log Analytics. So your system must have the Log Analytics agent installed and configured with the Dependency agent.

Whether you enable Azure Monitor for VMs for a single Azure VM or you use the at-scale deployment method, use the Azure VM Dependency agent extension to install the agent as part of the experience.

In a hybrid environment, you can download and install the Dependency agent manually. If your VMs are hosted outside Azure, use an automated deployment method

Configuration to perform on the virtual machines: Enable Virtual Machine Scale Set

To set up Azure Monitor for VMs:

Enable a single Azure VM or virtual machine scale set by selecting Insights (preview) directly from the VM or virtual machine scale set.

Enable two or more Azure VMs and virtual machine scale sets by using Azure Policy. This method ensures that on existing and new VMs and scale sets, the required dependencies are installed and properly configured. Noncompliant VMs and scale sets are reported, so you can decide whether to enable them and to remediate them.

Enable two or more Azure VMs or virtual machine scale sets across a specified subscription or resource group by using PowerShell.



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