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Question 159

Overview -

Fabrikam, Inc. is an engineering company that has offices throughout Europe. The company has a main office in London and three branch offices in Amsterdam,

Berlin, and Rome.

Existing Environment -

Active Directory Environment -

The network contains two Active Directory forests named corp.fabrikam.com and rd.fabrikam.com. There are no trust relationships between the forests.

Corp.fabrikam.com is a production forest that contains identities used for internal user and computer authentication.

Rd.fabrikam.com is used by the research and development (R&D) department only.

Network Infrastructure -

Each office contains at least one domain controller from the corp.fabrikam.com domain. The main office contains all the domain controllers for the rd.fabrikam.com forest.

All the offices have a high-speed connection to the Internet.

An existing application named WebApp1 is hosted in the data center of the London office. WebApp1 is used by customers to place and track orders.

WebApp1 has a web tier that uses Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and a database tier that runs Microsoft SQL Server 2016. The web tier and the database tier are deployed to virtual machines that run on Hyper-V.

The IT department currently uses a separate Hyper-V environment to test updates to WebApp1.

Fabrikam purchases all Microsoft licenses through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that includes Software Assurance.

Problem Statements -

The use of Web App1 is unpredictable. At peak times, users often report delays. At other times, many resources for WebApp1 are underutilized.

Requirements -

Planned Changes -

Fabrikam plans to move most of its production workloads to Azure during the next few years.

As one of its first projects, the company plans to establish a hybrid identity model, facilitating an upcoming Microsoft Office 365 deployment.

All R&D operations will remain on-premises.

Fabrikam plans to migrate the production and test instances of WebApp1 to Azure.

Technical Requirements -

Fabrikam identifies the following technical requirements:

Web site content must be easily updated from a single point.

User input must be minimized when provisioning new app instances.

Whenever possible, existing on-premises licenses must be used to reduce cost.

Users must always authenticate by using their corp.fabrikam.com UPN identity.

Any new deployments to Azure must be redundant in case an Azure region fails.

Whenever possible, solutions must be deployed to Azure by using platform as a service (PaaS).

An email distribution group named IT Support must be notified of any issues relating to the directory synchronization services.

Directory synchronization between Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and corp.fabrikam.com must not be affected by a link failure between Azure and the on- premises network.

Database Requirements -

Fabrikam identifies the following database requirements:

Database metrics for the production instance of WebApp1, must be available for analysis so that database administrators can optimize the performance settings.

To avoid disrupting customer access, database downtime must be minimized when databases are migrated.

Database backups must be retained for a minimum of seven years to meet compliance requirements.

Security Requirements -

Fabrikam identifies the following security requirements:

Company information including policies, templates, and data must be inaccessible to anyone outside the company.

Users on the on-premises network must be able to authenticate to corp.fabrikam.com if an Internet link fails.

Administrators must be able authenticate to the Azure portal by using their corp.fabrikam.com credentials.

All administrative access to the Azure portal must be secured by using multi-factor authentication.

The testing of WebApp1 updates must not be visible to anyone outside the company.

You need to recommend a solution to meet the database retention requirement.

What should you recommend?




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