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Question 189

You have an Azure Storage v2 account named storage1.

You plan to archive data to storage1.

You need to ensure that the archived data cannot be deleted for five years. The solution must prevent administrators from deleting the data.

Solution: You create a file share, and you configure an access policy.

Does this meet the goal?





Instead of a file share, an immutable Blob storage is required.

Time-based retention policy support: Users can set policies to store data for a specified interval. When a time-based retention policy is set, blobs can be created and read, but not modified or deleted. After the retention period has expired, blobs can be deleted but not overwritten.

Note: Set retention policies and legal holds

1. Create a new container or select an existing container to store the blobs that need to be kept in the immutable state. The container must be in a general- purpose v2 or Blob storage account.

2. Select Access policy in the container settings. Then select Add policy under Immutable blob storage.

3. To enable time-based retention, select Time-based retention from the drop-down menu.

4. Enter the retention interval in days (acceptable values are 1 to 146000 days).



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