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Question 29

You have an Azure subscription named Project1. Only a group named Project1admins is assigned roles in the Project1 subscription. The Project1 subscription contains all the resources for an application named Application1.

Your company is developing a new application named Application2. The members of the Application2 development team belong to an Azure Active Directory

(Azure AD) group named App2Dev.

You identify the following requirements for Application2:

The members of App2Dev must be prevented from changing the role assignments in Azure.

The members of App2Dev must be able to create new Azure resources required by Application2.

All the required role assignments for Application2 will be performed by the members of Project1admins.

You need to recommend a solution for the role assignments of Application2.

Solution: In Project1, create a network security group (NSG) named NSG1. Assign Project1admins the Owner role for NSG1. Assign the App2Dev the Contributor role for NSG1.

Does this meet the goal?





You should use a separate subscription for Project2.


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