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Question 34

Your company has deployed several virtual machines (VMs) on-premises and to AzurAzure ExpressRoute has been deployed and configured for on-premises to Azure connectivity.

Several VMs are exhibiting network connectivity issues.

You need to analyze the network traffic to determine whether packets are being allowed or denied to the VMs.

Solution: Use Azure Network Watcher to run IP flow verify to analyze the network traffic.

Does the solution meet the goal?





The Network Watcher Network performance monitor is a cloud-based hybrid network monitoring solution that helps you monitor network performance between various points in your network infrastructurIt also helps you monitor network connectivity to service and application endpoints and monitor the performance of

Azure ExpressRoute.


IP flow verify checks if a packet is allowed or denied to or from a virtual machinThe information consists of direction, protocol, local IP, remote IP, local port, and remote port. If the packet is denied by a security group, the name of the rule that denied the packet is returneWhile any source or destination IP can be chosen,

IP flow verify helps administrators quickly diagnose connectivity issues from or to the internet and from or to the on-premises environment.

IP flow verify looks at the rules for all Network Security Groups (NSGs) applied to the network interface, such as a subnet or virtual machine NITraffic flow is then verified based on the configured settings to or from that network interfacIP flow verify is useful in confirming if a rule in a Network Security Group is blocking ingress or egress traffic to or from a virtual machine.


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