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Question 39

Your company has an on-premises data center and an Azure subscription. The on-premises data center contains a Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Your network contains an Active Directory domain that is synchronized to an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant.

The company is developing an application named Application1. Application1 will be hosted in Azure by using 10 virtual machines that run Windows Server 2016.

Five virtual machines will be in the West Europe Azure region and five virtual machines will be in the East US Azure region. The virtual machines will store sensitive company information. All the virtual machines will use managed disks.

You need to recommend a solution to encrypt the virtual machine disks by using BitLocker Drive Encryption (BitLocker).

Solution: Export a security key from the on-premises HSM. Create one Azure AD service principal. Configure the virtual machines to use Azure Storage Service


Does this meet the goal?





We use the Azure Premium Key Vault with Hardware Security Modules (HSM) backed keys.

The Key Vault has to be in the same region as the VM that will be encrypted.



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