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Question 46

Your company has an Azure subscription that contains the following unused resources:

20 user accounts in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Five groups in Azure AD.

10 public IP addresses.

10 network interfaces.

You need to reduce the Azure costs for the company.

Solution: You remove the unused network interfaces.

Does this meet the goal?





When creating a virtual machine using the Azure portal, the portal creates a network interface with default settings for you. If you'd rather specify all your network interface settings, you can create a network interface with custom settings and attach the network interface to a virtual machine when creating the virtual machine (using PowerShell or the Azure CLI). You can also create a network interface and add it to an existing virtual machine (using PowerShell or the Azure CLI). To learn how to create a virtual machine with an existing network interface or to add to, or remove network interfaces from existing virtual machines, see Add or remove network interfaces. Before creating a network interface, you must have an existing virtual network in the same location and subscription you create a network interface in.



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