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Question 96

You have the Azure virtual networks shown in the following table.


Name: VNet1,??????????????????Address space:,??Subnet:,?????????Azure Region: West US

Name: VNet2,??????????????????Address space:,??Subnet:,?????????Azure Region: West US

Name: VNet3,??????????????????Address space:,??Subnet:,?????????Azure Region: East US

Name: VNet4,??????????????????Address space:,Subnet:,??????Azure Region: North Europe


To which virtual networks can you establish a peering connection from VNet1?




You can connect virtual networks to each other with virtual network peering. These virtual networks can be in the same region or different regions (also known as Global VNet peering). Once virtual networks are peered, resources in both virtual networks are able to communicate with each other, with the same latency and bandwidth as if the resources were in the same virtual network.



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