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Question 48

This question requires that you evaluate the UPPER-CASED text surrounded by *** to determine if it is correct.

One of the benefits of Azure SQL Data Warehouse is that *** HIGH AVAILABILITY *** is built into the platform.

Instructions: Review the UPPER-CASED text surrounded by ***. If it makes the statement correct, select "No change is needed". If the statement is incorrect, select the answer choice that makes the statement correct.



Explanation (click to expand)

SQL Data Warehouse is supported by a broad ecosystem of partners, including data preparation, ingestion service and visualisation tool providers. Enjoy guaranteed 99.9 percent availability in 40 Azure regions worldwide.

Service capabilities:

* Massive query concurrency - Democratise data across your enterprise.

* Integrated data processing - Ingest and query from multiple data types and sources within a single solution.

* Quick and easy provisioning - Provision thousands of compute cores in less than five minutes and scale to a petabyte in hours.

* Elastic design - Independently scale for performance or memory with separate compute and storage.

* Advanced security - Help protect your data with virtual network service endpoints, advanced threat detection, always-on encryption, auditing and simplified secure access.

* Fully managed infrastructure - Automate infrastructure allocation and workload optimisation to focus on data analysis and use the built-in advisor to optimise your cloud data warehouse.

* Strong Ecosystem - Integrate with leading data preparation and visualisation vendors and get support from our partners to accelerate time to value.

* Powerful SQL engine - Take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server, the industry's top-performing SQL engine, offering comprehensive support for SQL language.

* Industry-leading compliance - Help ensure peace of mind with more than 50 government and industry compliance certifications, including HIPAA.

* Global availability - Benefit from availability in 40 Azure regions, the most among all cloud-based data warehouse providers.

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