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Question 71

You have an Azure subscription named Subscription1. Subscription1 contains the resource groups in the following table.


Name: RG1,????????????????????Azure region: West Europe,????Policy: Policy1

Name: RG2,????????????????????Azure region: North Europe,???Policy: Policy2

Name: RG3,????????????????????Azure region: France Central,?Policy: Policy3


RG1 has a web app named WebApp1. WebApp1 is located in West Europe.

You move WebApp1 to RG2.

What is the effect of the move?



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You can move an app to another App Service plan, as long as the source plan and the target plan are in the same resource group and geographical region.

The region in which your app runs is the region of the App Service plan it's in. However, you cannot change an App Service plan's region.

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