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Question 66

Your company has a main office in London that contains 100 client computers.

Three years ago, you migrated to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

The company's security policy states that all personal devices and corporate-owned devices must be registered or joined to Azure AD.

A remote user named User1 is unable to join a personal device to Azure AD from a home network.

You verify that other users can join their devices to Azure AD.

You need to ensure that User1 can join the device to Azure AD.

What should you do?





Maximum number of devices - This setting enables you to select the maximum number of devices that a user can have in Azure AD. If a user reaches this quota, they are not be able to add additional devices until one or more of the existing devices are removed. The device quota is counted for all devices that are either Azure AD joined or Azure AD registered today. The default value is 20.

Maximum number of devices setting does not apply to hybrid Azure AD joined devices.



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