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Question 91

You have a public load balancer that balances ports 80 and 443 across three virtual machines.

You need to direct all the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections to VM3 only.

What should you configure?




Create an inbound NAT port-forwarding rule:

Create a load balancer inbound network address translation (NAT) rule to forward traffic from a specific port of the front-end IP address to a specific port of a back-end VM.

1. Select All resources in the left-hand menu, and then select MyLoadBalancer from the resource list.

2. Under Settings, select Inbound NAT rules, and then select Add.

3. On the Add inbound NAT rule page, type or select the following values:

* Name: Type MyNATRuleVM1.

* Port: Type 4221.

* Target virtual machine: Select MyVM1 from the drop-down.

* Port mapping: Select Custom.

* Target port: Type 3389.

4. Select OK.



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