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Default FC-MAP


Which option is the default FC-MAP?



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Configures the global FC-Map.

The default value is 0E.FC.00

The range is from 0E.FC.00 to 0E.FC.FF.

The default FC-MAP (Fibre Channel-Media Access Control Address Protocol) is the address assigned to a Fibre Channel port when it first initializes. This default address is used until the port receives a new address from the Fibre Channel switch.

The FC-MAP is a unique identifier assigned to each Fibre Channel port, consisting of a 24-bit organizationally unique identifier (OUI) and an 8-bit extension identifier (EI). The OUI identifies the manufacturer or vendor of the Fibre Channel port, while the EI is assigned by the manufacturer or vendor to identify a specific port.

The default FC-MAP assigned to a Fibre Channel port can vary depending on the manufacturer or vendor of the port. However, the most common default FC-MAP is 0e:fc:00. This default address is assigned by the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) to be used as a default value by Fibre Channel switch vendors.

Therefore, the correct answer to this question is B. 0e:fc:00.