OpenStack Cinder: True Facts and Features

OpenStack Cinder


Which two of the following options are true about OpenStack Cinder? (Choose two.)



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A. B. C. D. E.


OpenStack Cinder is a block storage system that provides persistent storage for cloud-based applications. It is a part of the OpenStack cloud computing platform and is designed to manage the lifecycle of block storage devices, such as volumes, snapshots, and backups.

The correct options that are true about OpenStack Cinder are:

B. Data Storage - OpenStack Cinder is a data storage system that provides block-level storage to cloud-based applications. It allows users to create, attach, and manage volumes on-demand, and provides a flexible and scalable storage solution.

C. Persistent Storage - OpenStack Cinder provides persistent storage that is designed to survive even if the instance to which it is attached is terminated or stopped. This is because the volume data is stored separately from the instance, allowing users to detach and reattach volumes to different instances as needed.

A. Attached to multiple instances simultaneously - OpenStack Cinder allows users to attach a volume to multiple instances simultaneously. This is useful when running clustered applications or when sharing data between multiple instances. However, it's important to note that not all applications can tolerate this kind of shared storage.

Therefore, the correct options that are true about OpenStack Cinder are B. Data Storage and C. Persistent Storage.