Support for Adapter-FEX: Commands for Cisco Nexus Switches

Enable Adapter-FEX on Cisco Nexus: Configuration Guide


Which three commands must be run to enable support of adapter-fex on an interface on a Cisco Nexus Switch? (Choose three.)



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A. B. C. D. E. F.


Adapter-FEX (FEX stands for Fabric Extender) is a technology that allows a physical server adapter to be split into multiple virtual adapters. It is used in Cisco Nexus switches to extend the network connectivity of the parent switch to the servers through a separate fabric interconnect. To enable support of Adapter-FEX on an interface on a Cisco Nexus switch, the following three commands must be run:

A. switchport mode adapter-fex: This command configures the interface as an Adapter-FEX interface.

B. feature fex: This command enables the FEX feature on the switch. Without this command, Adapter-FEX is not supported on the switch.

C. feature-set adapter-fex: This command enables the adapter-fex feature set on the switch. It is required for Adapter-FEX to work properly.

Therefore, options A, B, and C are the correct answers.

Options D, E, and F are incorrect. Switchport mode vntag is a command used to enable Virtual Network Tagging (VN-Tag) on the interface, which is a different technology than Adapter-FEX. Feature-set virtualization is used to enable virtualization features on the switch, but it does not enable Adapter-FEX specifically. Finally, feature adapter-fex is an invalid command and is not recognized by the Cisco Nexus switch.