OpenStack Telemetry - CCIE Data Center Written Exam

OpenStack Telemetry


Which OpenStack project, whose data can be used to provide customer billing, recourse tracking, and alarming capabilities across all OpenStack core components, is a component of the telemetry project?



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The OpenStack project that provides customer billing, resource tracking, and alarming capabilities across all OpenStack core components is Ceilometer. It is a component of the telemetry project that was introduced in the OpenStack Icehouse release.

Ceilometer is a metering project that collects and aggregates data on resource usage across all OpenStack services, including compute, storage, and networking. It provides a central repository for storing this data, which can be used for billing purposes, monitoring resource usage, and triggering alarms in the event of abnormal activity.

Ceilometer collects data through a variety of sources, including agents deployed on OpenStack compute nodes, APIs provided by OpenStack services, and third-party monitoring tools. It stores this data in a time-series database, which can be queried and analyzed using a variety of tools and APIs.

In addition to collecting data on resource usage, Ceilometer can also collect data on the performance and health of OpenStack services. This data can be used to monitor the overall health of an OpenStack deployment and to identify potential issues before they become critical.

Overall, Ceilometer is a powerful tool for managing and monitoring OpenStack deployments, providing critical information on resource usage, performance, and health.