Cisco Virtual Topology System | Exam 400-151 Answer

Cisco Virtual Topology System


Which description of Cisco Virtual Topology System is true?



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A. B. C. D.


Cisco Virtual Topology System (VTS) is an overlay provisioning and management solution that allows users to create and manage virtual overlays on top of a physical network infrastructure. The correct answer is C.

VTS is designed to simplify the deployment and management of virtual networks, especially in multi-tenant environments. It provides a centralized management interface for configuring and monitoring virtual overlays, and it automates many of the tasks required to deploy and manage virtual networks.

The VTS software is deployed on a set of servers that are separate from the physical network infrastructure. These servers provide a web-based user interface for managing virtual overlays, and they communicate with the physical network infrastructure using standard network protocols.

VTS uses a set of agents that run on the physical network devices to configure and manage the virtual overlays. These agents communicate with the VTS servers using REST APIs and other standard protocols.

Overall, VTS provides a flexible and scalable solution for creating and managing virtual overlays on top of a physical network infrastructure. It simplifies network provisioning and management, reduces the risk of errors, and improves overall network efficiency and reliability.