ITD: What Does It Replace?

ITD and Its Replacements


Which two options does ITD replace? (Choose two.)



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ITD (Intelligent Traffic Director) is a feature in Cisco Nexus switches that provides Layer 4 load balancing for traffic forwarding. It is designed to improve the performance of data center applications by optimizing the distribution of traffic across multiple servers.

ITD replaces two traditional methods of traffic redirection: Layer 4 load balancers and policy-based routing.

Layer 4 load balancers distribute traffic based on network-layer information such as source and destination IP addresses and TCP/UDP port numbers. ITD performs the same function, but with the added benefit of being able to distribute traffic based on application-level information.

Policy-based routing (PBR) is a feature that allows administrators to define routing policies based on criteria other than the destination address. ITD can replace PBR by using advanced features like service insertion and context-based routing to direct traffic to the appropriate server.

Therefore, the correct answers are A. Policy-based routing and B. Layer 4 load balancer.