UCS Central Domain Registration | Cisco 400-151 Exam Answer

Domains Placement During Initial Registration | Cisco UCS Central


Where are domains placed when they are initially registered with Cisco UCS Central?



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A. B. C. D.


When a domain is registered with Cisco UCS Central, it is placed in the "ungrouped domains" category.

Ungrouped domains refer to domains that have been registered with UCS Central but have not been added to a domain group. A domain group is a logical grouping of domains that share common policies and resources.

Once a domain is registered, it needs to be added to a domain group. This enables the administrator to manage the domains in a group, apply common policies, and allocate resources across the group.

Domains that have been added to a domain group are referred to as "acknowledged domains." Acknowledged domains are the domains that UCS Central can manage.

On the other hand, "discovered domains" are domains that UCS Central has discovered but has not yet registered. These domains are not managed by UCS Central and are not visible to the administrator.

Therefore, the correct answer to the question is option C, ungrouped domains.