Switch Policies and Leaf Profiles in ACI Fabric: Key Information | Exam 400-151

Understanding Switch Policies and Leaf Profiles in ACI Fabric


Which statement about switch policies and leaf profiles in the ACI Fabric is true?



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A. B. C. D. E.


The ACI Fabric is a software-defined networking (SDN) solution for data center networking. It provides a centralized policy-based approach to manage and automate network infrastructure. Switch policies and leaf profiles are two important components of the ACI Fabric that help manage network resources efficiently.

A switch profile is a template that defines a set of characteristics for switches, such as interface speed, MTU size, and port channel configurations. A leaf profile, on the other hand, is a template that defines a set of characteristics for leaf switches. It includes switch profile attributes as well as other leaf-specific attributes such as fabric interface (FI) connectivity, Node ID, and Virtual Port Channel (vPC) configurations.

Answer A is correct. Switch leaf profiles are configured under Fabric > Fabric Policies. In this section, you can create new switch profiles, modify existing ones, and assign them to a specific switch. You can also create new leaf profiles, modify existing ones, and associate them with specific leaf switches.

Answer B is incorrect. Leaf and spine profiles cannot be part of the same switch policy or switch profile. Spine switches have a different role and different characteristics than leaf switches, so they require their own set of profiles.

Answer C is incorrect. Each leaf profile in the ACI Fabric does not need a unique policy that identifies each single leaf. A leaf profile can be assigned to multiple leaf switches that have similar configurations and requirements.

Answer D is incorrect. Manually configuring leaf profiles is required in the ACI Fabric. When a new leaf switch is added to the fabric, it must be associated with a leaf profile that defines its characteristics and configuration.

Answer E is partially correct. Leaf profiles are associated with interface selector profiles that identify ports on the leaf. The interface selector profiles are used to group interfaces based on their characteristics and assign them to a specific leaf profile.