Expand Receive Queues for an Existing Server

Expand Receive Queues


The OS team has requested that you expand the receive queues of an existing server.

Which action accomplishes this change?



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A. B. C. D.


To expand the receive queues of an existing server, you would need to reconfigure the virtual Network Interface Card (vNIC) to increase its queue size. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Identify the server in question and determine the current vNIC configuration.
  2. Determine the maximum queue size that the OS team is requesting.
  3. Modify the vNIC settings to increase the number of receive queues to the desired size.

Option A is incorrect because LAN connectivity policies do not affect vNIC queue sizes. These policies are used to specify QoS policies, traffic filtering rules, and other settings related to LAN connectivity.

Option B is incorrect because the default vNIC behavior does not control queue sizes. This setting is used to specify how the vNIC should behave when it is not being actively used.

Option D is also incorrect because adapter policies are used to specify settings related to the physical adapter, such as link speed and duplex mode.

Therefore, the correct answer is option C: Reconfigure the vNIC to the requested queue size.