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Benefits of ITD Compared to WCCP


According to Cisco, which two options are benefits of ITD compared to WCCP? (Choose two.)



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Sure, I can provide a detailed explanation of the benefits of ITD compared to WCCP as per Cisco.

ITD (Intelligent Traffic Director) and WCCP (Web Cache Communication Protocol) are both technologies used for load balancing and traffic redirection in a network. However, ITD offers some benefits over WCCP, which are:

  1. Weighted Load Distribution: ITD provides weighted load distribution across multiple service nodes, whereas WCCP does not provide this functionality. Weighted load distribution enables traffic to be directed to specific service nodes in proportion to their capacity, which ensures that resources are utilized efficiently and network performance is optimized.

  2. Transparent for Service Nodes: ITD is transparent to service nodes, which means that service nodes do not need to be configured or modified to work with ITD. In contrast, WCCP requires service nodes to be configured to support the protocol, which can be a complex and time-consuming process.

  3. Does not require Authentication or Certificates: ITD does not require authentication or certificates, which simplifies the configuration and deployment of the technology. On the other hand, WCCP requires authentication and certificates, which can add complexity to the deployment and management of the protocol.

  4. Much less Configuration: ITD requires much less configuration than WCCP, which reduces the risk of configuration errors and saves time during deployment. In contrast, WCCP requires more configuration, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

  5. Requires Less TCAM Entries: ITD requires fewer TCAM (Ternary Content Addressable Memory) entries than WCCP, which allows for more efficient use of network resources. TCAM entries are used for packet matching, and reducing the number of entries required can improve network performance and reduce costs.

In summary, the benefits of ITD over WCCP include weighted load distribution, transparency for service nodes, no authentication or certificates required, less configuration, and fewer TCAM entries.