Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Benefits

Benefits of Using a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller


What is a benefit of using a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller?



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A Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) is a centralized network device that manages the configuration, security, and operation of multiple access points (APs) in a wireless network. Some benefits of using a Cisco WLC include:

A. It eliminates the need to configure each access point individually: With a Cisco WLC, network administrators can manage multiple APs from a single point of control, simplifying the configuration and management of the wireless network. This central management capability enables administrators to quickly deploy new APs, perform firmware upgrades, and troubleshoot network issues more efficiently, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

B. Central AP management requires more complex configurations: This statement is incorrect. Centralized AP management through a Cisco WLC can simplify the configuration of the wireless network, as it eliminates the need for administrators to configure each AP individually. Additionally, a Cisco WLC can provide a consistent network policy across all APs, ensuring that security and performance settings are consistent and up-to-date.

C. Unique SSIDs cannot use the same authentication method: This statement is also incorrect. A Cisco WLC can support multiple SSIDs, each with its own authentication and security settings. This allows different user groups or applications to be assigned to different SSIDs with unique settings, while still leveraging the same authentication method.

D. It supports autonomous and lightweight APs: A Cisco WLC can support both autonomous and lightweight APs. Autonomous APs are standalone devices that require individual configuration and management, while lightweight APs are centrally managed by a WLC. The use of lightweight APs with a WLC provides a number of benefits, including centralized configuration and management, better scalability, and enhanced security features.

In summary, the use of a Cisco WLC can simplify the configuration and management of a wireless network, providing centralized control and consistent network policies. It also supports multiple SSIDs with unique authentication and security settings, and can manage both autonomous and lightweight APs.