802.11 Frame Types: Probe Response | Exam 200-301 | Cisco

Probe Response


Which 802.11 frame type is indicated by a probe response after a client sends a probe request?



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A. B. C. D.


The correct answer is B. management.

When a Wi-Fi client wants to join a wireless network, it sends a probe request frame. The probe request frame is sent to the broadcast MAC address and includes the SSID (Service Set Identifier) of the wireless network the client is trying to connect to. The access points that receive the probe request frame reply with a probe response frame, which contains information about the access point, such as its MAC address, supported data rates, and security capabilities.

The probe request and probe response frames are part of the IEEE 802.11 management frame type. Management frames are used for network management purposes, such as authentication, association, and disassociation.

Data frames are used to transmit user data, such as email, web pages, and video streams. Control frames are used for Wi-Fi control purposes, such as acknowledgment of received data frames and power management. Action frames are used for certain management functions that are not covered by the other management frame types.

In summary, a probe response after a client sends a probe request is indicated by a management frame type, specifically a probe response management frame.