Benefits of Using the PortFast Feature | Cisco Exam 200-301

Benefits of Using the PortFast Feature


What are two benefits of using the PortFast feature? (Choose two.)



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A. B. C. D. E.


The PortFast feature is a Cisco switch feature that is used to improve network connectivity by reducing the time required for end-devices to connect to the network.

The two benefits of using the PortFast feature are:

  1. Enabled interfaces come up and move to the forwarding state immediately: When PortFast is enabled on an interface, the interface is put into a forwarding state immediately, bypassing the normal spanning-tree learning process. This feature can reduce the time it takes for an end device to connect to the network, as it eliminates the delay caused by the spanning-tree protocol.

  2. Enabled interfaces never generate topology change notifications: Topology change notifications (TCNs) are generated by switches when the topology of the network changes. When a switch receives a TCN, it triggers a re-convergence of the spanning-tree protocol, which can cause temporary connectivity issues for end-devices on the network. PortFast-enabled interfaces never generate TCNs, as they are immediately put into the forwarding state when they are brought up. This feature helps to improve network stability and reduce connectivity issues.

Therefore, the correct answers are D and C.