Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions: Configure LLDP Delay Time - Exam 200-301 | Cisco

Configure LLDP Delay Time


Which command should you enter to configure an LLDP delay time of 5 seconds?



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-> lldp holdtime seconds: Specify the amount of time a receiving device should hold the information from your device before discarding it lldp reinit delay: Specify the delay time in seconds for LLDP to initialize on an interface

-> lldp timer rate: Set the sending frequency of LLDP updates in seconds

The correct answer is option B: lldp holdtime 5.

LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) is a vendor-neutral protocol used to discover basic information about neighboring devices on a local area network. LLDP packets are sent at regular intervals, and the holdtime parameter determines how long a receiving device should keep the information before discarding it.

The holdtime parameter specifies the time, in seconds, that the receiving device should keep the received LLDP information before discarding it. Therefore, to configure an LLDP delay time of 5 seconds, we need to set the holdtime to 5 seconds using the "lldp holdtime" command.

Option A (lldp timer 5000) is incorrect because it configures the LLDP packet transmission interval, not the holdtime.

Option C (lldp reinit 5000) is incorrect because it configures the time interval for LLDP reinitialization, not the holdtime.

Option D (lldp reinit 5) is incorrect because it sets the LLDP reinitialization time to 5 seconds, not the holdtime.