CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN (Content Delivery Network)


Which technology is used to improve web traffic performance by proxy caching?



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The technology used to improve web traffic performance by proxy caching is the Web Security Appliance (WSA).

WSA is a powerful and feature-rich web security solution from Cisco, which provides advanced security capabilities such as web filtering, malware protection, data loss prevention, and more. In addition to these security features, WSA also includes a built-in caching engine that can significantly improve web traffic performance.

The caching engine in WSA works by storing frequently accessed web content on the appliance's local disk. When a user requests a particular web resource, the WSA first checks its cache to see if the resource is already stored locally. If it is, the WSA serves the resource from its cache, which is much faster than retrieving the resource from the internet. If the resource is not cached, the WSA retrieves it from the internet, and then stores a copy of the resource in its cache for future requests.

By caching frequently accessed web content, WSA can reduce the amount of internet bandwidth needed to serve web pages to users, and also reduce the load on web servers by serving content from its local cache. This can result in faster web page load times, improved user experience, and more efficient use of network resources.

In contrast, Firepower, ASA, and FireSIGHT are not designed specifically for proxy caching, although they do provide other advanced security features for protecting network traffic from threats. Firepower is an advanced threat protection solution that includes intrusion prevention, malware protection, and more. ASA is a firewall solution that provides network security capabilities such as access control, VPN, and more. FireSIGHT is a security management platform for Cisco's Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) products.