Ethernet Frame: Traffic Notification Component | Exam 200-301 Cisco Solutions

Ethernet Frame Traffic Notification Component


Which component of an Ethernet frame is used to notify a host that traffic is coming?



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A. B. C. D.


Preamble is a 7 Byte field in the Ethernet frame which helps to receiver to know that it is an actual data (Ethernet Frame) and not some random noise in the transmission medium. It acts like a doorbell telling about the incoming data.

The correct answer is option C, preamble.

Ethernet frames are the basic units of communication in an Ethernet network. They consist of several components, including a preamble, start of frame delimiter (SFD), destination MAC address, source MAC address, length or type field, data field, and frame check sequence (FCS).

The preamble is a sequence of alternating 1s and 0s that notifies the receiving host that a frame is about to arrive. The preamble serves as a synchronization pattern and provides the receiving host with enough time to synchronize its clock with the sender's clock.

The start of frame delimiter (SFD) is a unique sequence of bits that follows the preamble and marks the start of the frame. The SFD is used to indicate to the receiving host where the actual data begins in the frame.

The Type field is used to identify the protocol being used, such as IPv4 or IPv6.

The Data field contains the actual payload of the frame, including the header and payload of the upper-layer protocol.

Finally, the Frame Check Sequence (FCS) is a field that contains a checksum of the entire frame, used to verify that the frame has been transmitted without errors.

Therefore, the correct answer to the question is C. The preamble is used to notify a host that traffic is coming.