FabricPath: Understanding Cisco's Scalable Data Center Technology


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Which statement about FabricPath is correct?



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FabricPath is a Cisco proprietary technology that provides a Layer 2 multipath forwarding technology in a data center environment. It is based on the Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) protocol and is designed to provide the benefits of routing with the simplicity of Layer 2 switching.

In FabricPath, the FTag (FabricPath tag) is used to identify the topology or distribution tree. The distribution tree is a tree-like structure used to distribute broadcast, multicast, and unknown unicast traffic across the FabricPath network.

The FTag is an 8-bit field in FabricPath encapsulation, and it is used to identify the distribution tree. The FTag is inserted between the original Layer 2 frame and the FabricPath header. The FabricPath header contains other fields such as the FabricPath version, the FabricPath switch ID, and the FabricPath TTL.

Therefore, the correct answer is B. In FabricPath, FTag is the 8-bit field in FabricPath encapsulation that identifies the topology or distribution tree.