Cisco FlexVPN: Supported VPN Deployments | 400-251 Exam Answer

Supported VPN Deployments with Cisco FlexVPN

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With the Cisco FlexVPN solution, which four VPN deployments are supported? (Choose four.)



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A. B. C. D. E. F.


Cisco Flex VPN is a versatile VPN solution that offers a range of deployment options to meet various network requirements. The four VPN deployments supported by Cisco Flex VPN are:

A. Site-to-site IPsec Tunnels: Site-to-site VPN allows secure communication between two networks over the internet. Cisco Flex VPN supports site-to-site IPsec VPN tunnels between remote sites and a central hub.

B. Dynamic Spoke-to-Spoke IPsec Tunnels (Partial Mesh): In this deployment, multiple remote sites can establish IPsec tunnels with each other dynamically, without the need for a central hub. This feature is known as dynamic spoke-to-spoke or partial mesh VPN, and it's supported by Cisco Flex VPN.

C. Remote Access from Software or Hardware IPsec Clients: Remote access VPN provides secure connectivity for remote workers, telecommuters, or contractors. Cisco Flex VPN supports remote access VPN from both software and hardware IPsec clients.

D. Distributed Full Mesh IPsec Tunnels: In this deployment, all remote sites can establish IPsec tunnels with each other, forming a full mesh network. This feature is known as distributed full mesh VPN, and it's supported by Cisco Flex VPN.

E. IPsec Group Encryption using GDOI: Group Domain of Interpretation (GDOI) is a standard protocol for group key management. Cisco Flex VPN supports GDOI-based group encryption for IPsec VPNs.

F. Hub-and-Spoke IPsec Tunnels: In a hub-and-spoke VPN deployment, remote sites establish IPsec tunnels with a central hub site. This type of VPN deployment is widely used in branch offices, and it's also supported by Cisco Flex VPN.

In summary, Cisco Flex VPN supports a wide range of VPN deployments, including site-to-site, dynamic spoke-to-spoke, remote access, distributed full mesh, GDOI-based group encryption, and hub-and-spoke VPNs.