Question 417 of 530 from exam 400-251: CCIE Security written exam

Question 417 of 530 from exam 400-251: CCIE Security written exam

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aaa suthentication login authen local

username cisco password 0 cisco

czypto isakmp policy 3
authentication pre-share
group 2

crypto isakmp client configuration group ezvpngroup|
key cisco
Pool pool-2


crypto ipsec client ezvpn esvpnelient
group ezvpngroup key cisco

rode client


virtual-inertace 1

xauth userid mode interactive
interface GigabitEtherneto/o

ip address 255.255-255.0

fel 101

crypto isakmp profile ezvpnprot
match identity group ezvpngroup
Client authentication ise auchen
isakep authorization list author

virtual-templace 1

crypto ipsec transform-set TS e=p-adee esp-sna-hmac|

czypto ipsec profile spsecprot
fer transform-set TS
interface Loopback
Ap address 192.168,10.1

crypto ipsec client eevpn ezvpnelient ineide||incerface cigabicttherneto/t

interface GigabitEtherneto/1
ip address 255.255.255-0

crypto ipsec client exvpn ezvpnelient

interface Virtual-Template1 type tunnel
ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/1
tunnel mode ipsec ipva

ip address

interface Vircual-Template! type tunnel
ip unnunbered Gigabicetherneto/2
tunnel mode ipsec pv4

tunnel protection ipsec profile ipsecprot

4p Locad pool pool-1

access-tise 101 permit ip Rose 192-268.10.1 an

Ea Ge

Why does the Easy VPN session fail to establish between the client and server?



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