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Botnet Attack: The Real Threat Unveiled

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Which statement about a botnet attack is true?



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C. The botnet attack is a collection of infected computers that launch automated attacks.


A botnet is a collection of compromised computers that are controlled by a central command and control (C&C) server operated by a cybercriminal. The botmaster can use this network of compromised machines to launch a variety of automated attacks, such as DDoS attacks, spam campaigns, phishing attacks, and malware distribution.

In a botnet attack, the attacker infects a large number of computers with malware, which turns them into bots. These bots can then be used to carry out attacks without the knowledge or consent of the computer's owner. The botnet controller sends commands to the bots, which then execute the attack simultaneously, making it difficult to mitigate.

Botnet attacks are one of the most significant threats to cybersecurity today, and they are difficult to defend against due to their distributed nature. Security professionals must use a combination of proactive and reactive measures to protect against botnet attacks. This can include implementing strong security policies, monitoring network traffic for suspicious activity, and deploying security tools that can detect and mitigate botnet attacks.

Therefore, option C is the correct statement about botnet attacks.