Question 385 of 530 from exam 400-251: CCIE Security written exam

Question 385 of 530 from exam 400-251: CCIE Security written exam

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Refer to the exhibit.


lczypto ipsec client ezvpn ezvpnclient
connect auto

Group ezvpngrop key cisco

node client

xauth userid mode interactive
interface Gigabitetherneto/0

Ap address

crypto ipsec client ezvpn ezvpnelient inside|

3p address 255,255.255.0
ent ezvpn ezvpnclient

interface Vircual-Templatel type tunnel
ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/1
tunnel mode ipsec ipvé

Jeeypto tsakmp policy 3

encr sdes

lerypto tsakmp chient

key cisco

pool pool-t

tet 101,

Jeeypeo isakmp profite exepnprot
atch identity group ezvpngroup
Client authentication ist authen

‘soknp authorization lise author
client configuration address resp:
vartual-tempiace 1

yne cisco password 0 cisco

on pre-share

figuration group ezvpngroup

Jcrypeo ipsec cranstorm-sec TS eap-adee exp-sha-nmac

lceypto ipsec profiie ipsecprot
Jeet. transform-set TS
Jinvertace Leopbacko
3p address

interface GigabseEcnerneto/2
3p address 10.1.1,2
interface Virtual-Tenplavel type tunnel
Sp unnumbered GigabitEchernet0/1
tunnel node psec spv4

tunnel protection ipsec pros

Sp local poot pood-2

fe spsecprot

Jaccess-1see 102 permit ip nose any

Why does the EasyVPN session fail to establish between the client and server?



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