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Question 100

You have a .NET Core application that stores key-value data in an Azure Table storage named table1.

Users report that the application performance is slow during peak usages. You identify that table1 is the bottleneck.

You need to evaluate the impacts and create a plan to migrate table1 to a Cosmos DB account.

Choose all that apply:





You can use the Table API to migrate table1 to Cosmos DB. The Table API provides premium capabilities for applications written for Azure Table storage, such as dedicated throughput, guaranteed high availability, and better latency.

You do not need to change the application code to use the Cosmos DB SDK. You can still use the Table storage SDK with Cosmos DB Table API, but it is recommended to update to Cosmos DB SDK for the best support and improved performance.

You can use the AzCopy utility to move data from table1 to Cosmos DB. You can use the AzCopy utility or the Azure Cosmos DB Data Migration Tool to migrate the data from table1 to Cosmos DB.



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