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Question 39

You have three virtual networks (VNets) named VNET1, VNET2 and VNET3. The VNets have the following subnets:

VNET1: Subnet11, Subnet12

VNET2: Subnet21

VNET3: Subnet31, Subnet32

You perform the following actions:

Add peering from VNET1 to VNET2

Add peering from VNET2 to VNET3

Add peering from VNET3 to VNET2

You need to identify network connectivity between the subnets.

Which network connectivity should you identify for each subnet?




Virtual network (VNet) peering enables you to connect VNets. Peered VNets appear as one for connectivity purposes. You must add peering to both VNets that you want to connect. If you add peering to only one VNet, peering is in the Initiated state, and VNets will not have connectivity.

You should select Subnet11 has network connectivity with Subnet12 only. Those two subnets are on the same VNet. Subnets on the same VNet always have full network connectivity.

Subnet11 does not have network connectivity with Subnet21. Subnet11 is on VNET1, and Subnet21 is on VNET2. You have only added peering between VNET1 and VNET2 in one direction. For this reason, peering is in the Initiated state and the two VNets do not have connectivity. Because the VNets are not connected, Subnet11 does not have connectivity with Subnet21.

You should select Subnet21 has network connectivity with Subnet31 and Subnet32 only. Subnet21 is on a different VNet than Subnet31 and Subnet32. You add peering from VNET2 to VNET3 and from VNET3 to VNET2. Because the VNets are connected, the subnets on VNET2 have full connectivity to subnets on VNET3.

You added peering from VNET1 to VNET2, but you did not add peering from VNET2 to VNET1. Because the peering was only added to one of the VNets, there is no network connectivity between VNET1 and VNET2 and Subnet21 does not have connectivity with Subnet11 and Subnet12.



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