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Question 111

You are migrating an on-premise SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition instance to Azure.

The server uses SQL Server Agent to run internal routines in the databases.

You need to migrate the server to Azure using a lift-and-shift approach.

Which two services can you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.





You can use Azure SQL Managed Instance. You can use a managed instance to deploy SQL Databases with near 100 percent compatibility with the latest SQL Server engine. Managed Instance supports SQL Server Agent.

You can also use SQL Server on Azure VM. You can use SQL Server on Azure VM to migrate your databases to the cloud without having to manage any on-premises hardware. This option supports the SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition with Windows Server 2016 and the SQL Server Agent. It is also possible to use Azure Hybrid Benefit to save costs on licensing for both the Windows operating system and SQL Server.

You should not use Azure SQL Database elastic pool. Elastic pool is a solution to manage and scale multiple SQL Databases in a cost-effective way. It does not support SQL Server Agent and you would need to rewrite the internal routines as elastic jobs.

You should not use Azure Synapse Analytics. This is a service that combines Enterprise Data Warehouse and Big Data analytics capable of quickly running complex queries across a large amount of data. Azure Synapse Analytics does not support SQL Server Agent.



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