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Question 112

You implement a solution that runs on an Azure virtual machine (VM) scale set.

The solution requires a SQL Server relational database that runs exclusively in the virtual network that the scale set is running. Administrative efforts to maintain the database solution, such as applying security patches and operating system updates, should be minimized.

You need to implement the database solution.

What should you use?





You should use Azure SQL Managed Instance. You can use a managed instance to deploy relational databases with near 100 percent compatibility with the latest SQL Server Enterprise engine. Managed instances provide a native virtual network implementation, security patches and operating system updates. It is fully managed by Azure.

You should not use SQL Server on Azure VM. You can use SQL Server on Azure VM to migrate your databases to the cloud without having to manage any on-premises hardware. However, you would need to maintain operating system updates and apply security patches in SQL Server by yourself, increasing the Administrative efforts.

You should not use Azure SQL Database. You can use Azure SQL Database to deploy relational databases in a completely managed platform as a service (PaaS) database engine. Using Azure SQL Database does not increase administrative efforts, but it is not natively integrated with Azure virtual networks.

You should not use Azure Cosmos DB. You can use Cosmos DB to provision a non-relational database, like graphs, documents, column families, and key-value databases.



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