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Question 9

You are enabling a diagnostics logging for the App Services below:

App1 - ASP.Net Core application running in Windows platform

App2 - Node.js application running in Linux platform

You need to determine which diagnostics logging setting could be enabled for each application.

Choose all that apply:





You cannot enable Detailed Error Messages and Failed request tracing, and store these logs directly to a Blob Storage in App1. These diagnostics logs can only be stored in the App Service filesystem.

You can enable Application logging to store application logs at the App Service filesystem in App2. You can enable Application logging in the App Service filesystem for both Windows and Linux platforms. You can also store Application logging directly to a Blob Storage, but only using Windows platform.

You cannot enable Web server logging to store HTTP request data log messages in App2. You can only enable Web server logging in Windows platform. This setting will store the IIS server logs in the App Service filesystem using the W3C extended log file format.



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