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Question 105

You manage a pool of on-premises SQL Server 2019 databases. These databases are configured to use Database Mail and SQL Server agent to run scheduled tasks.

You need to migrate these databases to Azure with the least administrative effort.

Which service should you implement?





You should implement an Azure SQL Managed Instance. You can use Managed instances to deploy Azure SQL databases with the latest SQL Server database engine, while reducing the administration effort by automatically applying security patching and version updates. Managed instances support both SQL Agent and Database Mail.

You should not implement an Azure SQL database in an elastic pool. You can use an elastic pool to manage and scale multiple Azure SQL databases in a cost-effective way. Azure SQL Database does not support Database Mail, and you need to rewrite SQL Agent Jobs scheduled tasks as elastic jobs.

You should not implement Azure Synapse Analytics. Synapse Analytics is a service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. You can use Synapse Analytics to run complex queries across a large amount of data by using massively parallel processing queries.



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