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Question 37

You have a resource group named rg1 with a storage account named storage1 in your Azure subscription. Both resources are provisioned in the East US region.

You export rg1 to an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template file and modify it as shown in the exhibit:

You run the following Azure command-line interface (CLI) command to deploy the ARM template to a new resource group:

az group create --name rg2 --location "West US"

az deployment group create \

--name deployment\

--resource-group rg2 \

--template-file template.json \

--parameters location="East US"

You need to evaluate the results of running this command.

Choose all that apply:





The rg2 resource group is provisioned in the West US region. The az group create command has the --location parameter configured as West US. This creates rg2 in the specified region.

The new storage account is not provisioned in the West US region. The new storage account is provisioned in the East US region as specified in the --parameters parameter in the az deployment group create command. To provision the storage account in the West US region, you should define this region in the --parameters parameter or omit the --parameters location parameter to use the resource group default location that is retrieved by the location defaultValue "[resourceGroup().location]".

This ARM template does not output the new storage account and its region. This template outputs the generated storage account name, but it does not output the storage account region.



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