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Question 86

You have an Azure Virtual Machine (VM) provisioned in your Azure subscription.

You plan to implement an Azure Logic App to send an email notification every time this Azure VM is stopped.

You need to implement the Logic App.

Which three Logic App components should you use? To answer, move the appropriate components from the list of possible components to the answer area and arrange them in any order.





You should use the components below:

an Event Grid trigger

a condition

an action

You should use an Event Grid trigger. By default, Azure resources publish events to Azure Event Grid. You can respond to events on this Azure VM by initiating Logic Apps with this trigger.

You should also use a condition. You can use a condition to determine which action happened on the Azure VM. In this case, you are interested in the stop VM event.

Finally, you should use an action. After evaluating the event, you need to monitor the condition. To do this, when this event happens, you need to perform an action, such as send an email. You can use a send an email action in this case, by selecting the appropriate email provider action that matches your email address.

You should not use an HTTP trigger. You can use an HTTP trigger to initiate a logic app from an HTTP endpoint.

You should not use a variable. You can use a variable to simplify some steps in your logic app and reuse the same value during the workflow execution. It is not required to define a variable in this case.



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