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Question 6

You are the solution architect for an IT company. Your company has a solution that is provisioned in your customer's Azure subscription. You build a monitoring dashboard that uses Azure Monitor Workbooks to monitor the provisioned solution.

You need to evaluate how to publish and secure the dashboard in the customer's subscription.

Choose all that apply:





You can publish the dashboard template in the customer subscription's gallery template. After you design the dashboard, you can export the template using the gallery template in the advanced editor. You can combine the exported template with an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template and deploy it in the customer's subscription.

You can customize the dashboard by saving the template as a shared report. You can create a custom dashboard based on a workbook template and save it as a shared report, so that other users can use this custom dashboard, or save it as a private report.

You can use RBAC to limit the access to the workbook templates. You need to create an Azure resource when you deploy a workbook template in a resource group. You can assign an RBAC in the resource group or resource level to limit access to the report template.



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