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Question 60

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You are managing network resources that will be used by two new applications. You can use the network resources shown in the exhibit.

The new applications have the requirements below:

application1 requires a static public IP.

application2 requires protection against common web vulnerabilities, like SQL injection.

You need to use the most cost-effective network resource for each application.

Which network resources should you use?




You should use the lb1 resource for application1. You can assign a static public IP address with lb1, which is a Public Load Balancer with the Basic SKU. This is the most cost-effective resource from the options that meet the requirements for application1.

You should use the appgtw1 resource for application2. To protect application2 against common web vulnerabilities like SQL injection, you should use a resource that supports Web Application Firewall (WAF). You should use appgtw1 because it is the only option that supports WAF among the options.

You should not use the lb2 resource. You can also assign a static public IP address with lb2, as long as you use the same SKU for the public IP address (a Standard Public Load Balancer with a standard public IP address). However, a Public Load Balancer with the Basic SKU can also assign a static public IP address and is more cost-effective than a Public Load Balancer with Standard SKU.

You should not use the appgtw2 resource. You can use an Application Gateway with the V2 SKU offer if you need additional features like autoscaling for the Application Gateway deployment size and zone redundancy. However, the Standard V2 tier does not support WAF.



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