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Question 20

You create an Azure storage account that is used to store financial records. These records are accessed frequently. In the event of a datacenter outage, you want to ensure that the records are easily accessible, even if they cannot be modified. All applications use REST APIs to access the financial records.

You need to choose the most appropriate, least expensive configuration.

How should you configure the storage account? To answer, select the appropriate configurations from the drop-down menus.




You should use the Hot access tier. This tier is feasible for storage accounts that are accessed frequently.

You should use the RA-GRS replication strategy. With this strategy, if a failure occurs at a datacenter, data is replicated to another datacenter in another region, and it is available for read-only access.

You should use the Standard performance tier. This tier uses magnetic drives to store data at low cost.

You should not use the Cool access tier. This tier is feasible for storage accounts that are not accessed frequently.

You should not use LRS. This replication strategy only copies data within a datacenter. It is feasible for scenarios such as power supply failure or disk failure.

You should not use GRS. This replication strategy copies data to other regions. However, the data is not available to be read unless Microsoft initiates a failover to that region.

You should not use the Premium performance tier. This tier uses solid state drives at a higher cost. These storage accounts can only be used with virtual machine (VM) disks.



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