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Question 13

You manage an Azure subscription with resources that are provisioned across multiple Azure regions.

An incident caused by an outage in one Azure region impacts multiple resources in your subscription.

You need to recommend a solution to alert you proactively when an outage affects your resources.

What should you recommend?





You should recommend an Azure Service Health alert. This allows you to be notified about service issues in an Azure region that may affect you. You can also create alerts for Azure planned maintenance.

You should not recommend the Azure status page. This page gives a global overview of Azure Service Health and current events, but it does not proactively notify you of a regional outage.

You should not recommend Azure Advisor. Azure Advisor gives you personalized recommendations about high availability, security, performance, and cost in your Azure subscription. Azure Advisor does not notify about service outages, but it can advise you to create a Service Health alert.

You should not recommend Azure Resource Health. You can use Azure Resource Health to diagnose the health of a given resource and to identify which resources are affected by a service outage. It is not a good solution to monitor Azure region outages because you need to check each resource individually.



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