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Question 107

A company wants to set up an elastic pool to support 20 single SQL databases that are managed as part of the same SQL database server. Database Transaction Unit (DTU) utilization is as follows:

Average DTU utilization per database - 18

Peak DTU utilization per database - 47

Number of concurrently peaking databases - 2

You need to determine the size of the elastic DTU (eDTU) pool you need to configure.

Which pool size should you configure?





You should configure a 400 eDTU pool. The following are used to calculate the pool size:

Number of databases * average DTU per database

Number of currently peaking databases * peak DTU

The larger value of the two is used to determine the eDTU pool.

20 (databases) * 18 (average DTU) = 360

2 (concurrent peaks) * 47 (peak DTU) = 94

The larger value, 360, is used. The nearest fit from the supported eDTU pool sizes is 400.

You should not choose 100 or 200. Neither is sufficient to support the pool requirements.

You should not choose 360. This is not supported as a pool size.



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