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Question 80

An Azure function responds to GET requests at the URL http://shipping.azurewebsites.net/api/HttpTriggerJS1.

You need to modify the setting so that the function responds to requests at http://shipping.azurewebsites.net/Rate

Choose all that apply:





You should change the routePrefix value to a slash (/) in the host.json file. By default, this value is /api. This means that all functions in this function app have a URL that begins with http://shipping.azurewebsites.net/api. By changing the routePrefix value to /, you allow all functions to have a URL that begin with http://shipping.azurewebsites.net.

You should change the route template to /Rate. This is the path for the actual function. This means that the function in this scenario will be reachable at http://shipping.azurewebsites.net/Rate.

You should not change the Request parameter name to Rate. This Request parameter name represents the parameter to the method that represents the function. By default, this parameter is named req.



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