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Question 112

You are creating an elastic pool for databases on SQL Database server DBServ01. The pool must meet the following requirements:

* Ensure pool support for two databases peaking concurrently at 70 Database Transaction Units (DTUs).

* Ensure that a maximum of as near to 75 DTUs as possible can be consumed by a database.

* Minimize the DTUs that are guaranteed to all databases in the pool.

* Minimize pool costs and configuration.

You need to create the pool. Select correct placeholder values.

New-AzureRmSqlElasticPool -ResourceGroupName "RGDB01" -ServerName "DBServ01"

-ElasticPoolName "MyPool01" -Edition "Premium" -Dtu PLACEHOLDER 1

-DatabaseDtuMin PLACEHOLDER 2 -DatabaseDtuMax PLACEHOLDER 3




You should complete the PowerShell cmdlet as follows:

New-AzureRmSqlElasticPool -ResourceGroupName "RGDB01" -ServerName "DBServ01"

-ElasticPoolName "MyPool01" -Edition "Premium" -Dtu 250

-DatabaseDtuMin 0 -DatabaseDtuMax 75

The pool needs to support 140 DTUs to support concurrent peaks. For a premium elastic pool, you need to choose a 250 DTU pool. That is the smallest supported pool size that meets your needs. A 75 DTU pool size is not supported, 125 DTUs is too small, and 500 DTUs is more than needed.

The -DatabaseDtuMin property sets the minimum DTUs that are guaranteed to each database in the pool. The smallest value that is supported is 0. Values of 25 and 75 are larger than needed. A value of 10 is not supported in a premium pool, but it is supported in a standard pool.

The -DatabaseDtuMax sets the maximum DTUs that a database in the pool can consume. A value of 75 is supported for a premium pool. A value of 25 would be too low, and 125 and 250 are more than necessary.



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