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Question 128

You are the administrator of the ACME banking group. You are responsible for the daily operations regarding Identities on Azure. You notice that there are several requests daily to reset their passwords. Upon delving deeper, you find that the on-premises passwords and Azure/Office365 passwords are not the same and that is causing the main confusion. You need to ensure that passwords are synced from your local Active Directory to Azure and that users can change passwords in Azure, which should update the local Active Directory password and vice versa. How would you accomplish this goal most cost-effectively?





Implement AD Connect with AAD P1 license is correct, as this is the most cost-effective license, which enabled password writeback to on-premises AD. Single Sign-On will not suffice, as the identities are still considered separate. Deploying the Self Service Reset Portal (SSRP) will not suffice, as this will not merge the two identities. Implementing AD Connect with the AAD P2 license will suffice; however, this is not the most cost-effective manner as the same can be achieved by using the AAD P1 license.



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