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Question 186

You are the architect of the Contoso airline group. You are responsible for designing the migration for a production Web app from on-premises to Azure. You decide to publish this as an Azure Web App. The Web App needs to make use of an existing domain that is already linked to your Azure tenant. The Web App name requires 5 staging slots and needs to be backed up 3 times per day. Which if of the following App Service Plan tiers will suffice and be the most cost-effective?





Standard Tier 1 plan is correct as it caters for custom domain names, has 5can handle up to 5 staging slots, supports up to 10 daily backups daily as well as being the most cost-effective solution. Isolated 1 plan will not suffice as this is an expensive option due to the single-tenant system it uses and isolated network support. The F1 (free tier) will not suffice as this is the free tier and does not support any of the technical requirements. P2V2 is not ideal, as even though it supports all the technical features, it is not the most cost-effective solution due to it having more staging slots and daily backups.



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